Go-to-Market Partners

Sauce offers a range of partnership opportunities, including referral relationships, authorized partnerships and full technology partnerships where you can integrate the Sauce cloud service with your offering.

Saucebot partner
partner value-added-resellers

Value Added Resellers (VARS)

VARs typically bundle third-party software solutions such as Sauce Labs test automation infrastructure together with services such as implementation, integration, optimization, training, support, etc.

partner specialized-services-partners

Specialized Services Partners

Sauce Labs has relationships with a number of specialized services companies whose primary business is providing consulting services in the fields of quality assurance, test automation, continuous integration/delivery and DevOps. This type of partner may be subcontracted by Sauce Labs to provide services or work side-by-side in accounts.

partner direct-marketers

Direct Marketers

Direct Marketers are typically companies whose primary offering is outsourced procurement of third-party products and services in the IT sector for their clients.

partner global-systems-integrators

Global Systems Integrators (SIs)

Global systems integrators typically provide a wide array of consulting services in various aspects of technology to large multi national corporations (Fortune 1000).