Assert Compares

Allows you to compare two payloads in terms of text, structure or values.


Expression 1ExpressionYes
Expression 2ExpressionYes
ModeText, values, structureYes
Levelerror, warningNo
Stop test if failsTrue, falseNo
  • Expression 1: the first payload you want to compare. See Expression for more details.
  • Expression 2: the second payload you want to compare.
  • Mode: the comparator you wish to use.
    • Text compares the text of the two payloads as plain text
    • values compares the two payloads regardless the text layout
    • structure compares only the structure of the two payloads.
  • Level: Specifies, when the assertion fails, whether it should be considered an error or just a warning.
  • Stop test if fails: The test will be immediately stopped if the assertion fails.

A warning will not trigger alerts (such as email or text messages).

Assertion Compares Pic
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