Bloodhound: Expressions

In Bloodhound actors configuration, you may find fields allowing dynamic expressions. These expressions get evaluated to generate a dynamic value.

SpEL - Spring Expression Language#

The language used by Bloodhound is the Spring Expression Language.

Uses in Bloodhound#

All of expressions will make use of the current message being processed. The message is accessible using the #msg keyword.

Here's a breakdown of many internal members, accessed using SpEL.

  • #msg: the current message;
  • #msg.request(): the request object;
  • #msg.request().getHeader('key'): returns a certain request header;
  • #msg.request().payload(): the request payload, in the form of an array of bytes;
  • #msg.request().callId(): the call id, as defined by the EndpointIdentifierActor
  • #msg.response(): when evaluating a message after the upstream phase, this expression will access the response object;
  • #msg.response().getHeader('key'): returns a certain response header;
  • #msg.response().payload(): the response payload, in the form of an array of bytes;
  • #msg.meta(): the metadata map;
  • #msg.meta().getOrElse('key','defaultValue'): returns the value of the metadata identified by the key. 'defaultValue' in case the metadata does not exist
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