Following Redirects

By default, API Fortress handles redirects as per RFC standard. So if you are performing a GET and the response wants to redirect you somewhere else, you don't need to do anything since the redirect will be followed automatically.

RFC Guidelines#

Now, since the RFC says that a redirected I/O call should perform the same operation as the original call, and given that, say, re-posting, is a security threat, API Fortress will not automatically follow redirects for any other I/O operation.

Boring, you may say, but following the exact RFC specifications is how you make sure that any client will not be caught off guard!

This specific scenario can be handled applying the following steps:


Make the I/O operation (let's consider a POST as an example)

  1. The response header contains the Location field.


    Let's make sure it's there, by performing the call in our console tool.

  2. Craft a GET to the 'location' retrieved in the response header of the previous call

    (i.e. ${payload_response.headers['location']})

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