Connectors: PagerDuty

Below are some "API Fortress + PagerDuty" integration benefits:

  • Notify on-call responders based on failures in your API Fortress tests.
  • Send critical information on the failure as well as a link to the test report from the failed test.
  • Create high and low urgency incidents based on the severity of the failure via dynamic tags in the test.

This connector does not come pre-loaded out of the box, and will need to be loaded separately. To learn how to load the connector into your API Fortress instance click here.

Connector Setup#

This connector is built and supported by API Fortress. If you need any help with this connector please reach out to API Fortress support at support@saucelabscom.

Step 1: Create an Alert Group#

  1. Go to settings page by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner

  2. Click on Alert Groups on the left-hand nav bar:

  3. Create a new group or select an existing alert group

  4. Add a new connector by selecting + Connector to this group


Step2: Configure the Connector#

  1. Choose the PagerDuty connector from the dropdown menu

  2. The connector configuration page now appears

    Screen-Shot-2019-08-12-at-4.13.53-PM.pngConfigure the connector with the following params:
    1. routing_key is the integration key generated for a service in PagerDuty. The routing_key can be generated as such:
      1. click on the service you would like to alert, and click on the "Integrations tab"
      2. Use an existing integration or create a new one specifically for API Fortress. The integration key provided is the "routing_key"Screen-Shot-2019-08-12-at-4.48.09-PM.png
    2. severity is the level the alert should be sent as. (critical, error, warning, and info)
    3. dedup_key is a key that will allow to you match a triggered alert with a response for that alert
    4. event_action is the action you would like the alert to take. (trigger, acknowledge, and resolve)

Step 3: Set Up Alerts#

  1. Go into project settings for a project you would like PagerDuty alerts set up forSettings.png
  2. Add the alert group that contains your PagerDuty connector to this projectscreenshot.png

Video Example#

Watch a quick video tutorial of the integration below:

PagerDuty Video

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