Helper – Connect to Any Database

This API Fortress Helper utility allows you to access databases via an API.

Configuration Deployment#

Place the package in a machine that has access to the databases that you wish to use, and which could be reached by API Fortress via HTTP.

As a default, the system will connect to PostgreSQL, but you can configure it to run against any DB that can be accessed with JDBC.

Of course, this requires a bit more configuration located in apps/db-api-helper/db-api-helper.xml. Next steps are pretty straight forward.

Look for the following element:

<db:generic-config name="Generic_Database_Configuration" url="jdbc:postgresql://[;user=apipulse](" driverClassName="org.postgresql.Driver" doc:name="Generic Database Configuration">

If you plan to use another database, you will need to download the matching JDBC driver, place it in the apps/db-api-helper/lib directory, and configure the flow accordingly.

In our example, hitting the route like this:

curl -H 'content-type:text/plain' -d '\* from auser' http://<machine\_hostname>:8092/db/select

will trigger a select query that will return the result as a JSON array payload.


INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE routes are also available and they work similarly.


It’s as easy as:

sudo docker-compose up -d
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