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The Dashboard

The API Fortress platform offers a full-featured dashboard that centralizes testing management and simplifies collaboration and reporting. Key features of the dashboard allow you to:

Accessing the Dashboard#

There are two ways to access your API testing dashboard:

  1. From the project thumbnail, select the graph icon graph icon:

    Dashboard Pic 1.1
  2. From the test composer view, select the Dashboard tab:

    Dashboard Pic 1.2

Test Logs#

To view all test logs across a project:

  • Select Logs

  • Set any filters (start date, end date, tags, etc.)

  • Then select Start Query

    Dashboard Pic 1.3

You can then share, download, or print test logs.

View Metrics#

View all performance metrics from tests (latency & fetch):

  • Select Metrics
  • Set the start and end date
  • Then select Start Query
Dashboard Pic 1.4

Set Alerts#

To set performance alerts and email notifications:

  • Select the Settings** tab
  • Enter an email address
  • Select Save ChangesDashboard Pic 1.5

Additional Topics#

The following links provide useful information about using the dashboard and its metrics: