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Schedule a Test


In API Fortress, it is simple to schedule a test to run as often as you’d like, from any location you choose (based on account type), and with granular control as to when it runs. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Step 1: Publish the Working Copy#

API Fortress has a unique working copy/published copy system. This system allows you to edit a test without affecting the live, currently active version. You can learn more about it here.

  1. First you need to publish your working copy. After you finish editing your test, navigate to the section to the right where it states that your test is currently unpublished. Click the "Publish" button:

    Unpublished TestButton Appears after HoveringSuccessfully Published Test
    Unpublished TestPublish Test ButtonPublished Test

Step 2: Create a New Schedule#

  1. You can now access the Scheduler from the Test Project Panel:

    Create Schedule
  2. Click + Create Schedule and the New Schedule window appears. Fill in the necessary details and select Save when finished.

    Example Schedule

Step 3: Edit the Schedule#

  1. Once you save the schedule, an icon appears next to each individual test:

    Schedules icon
  2. You can add/override values, delete the schedule, or run the test immediately by clicking on the following icons:

    Schedules Icons