Self-Hosted System Requirements

The one server setup for API Fortress on-premise is a quick way to get things started in a protected environment. While not ideal for availability or performance, works exactly as expected and provides all the features of the cloud version.

Minimum Hardware Requirements#

  • CPU: Intel based high frequency quad core processor
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • HDD: 250 GB Memory: the memory impacts significantly on the speed of queries on big data sets. 32 GB is a recommended setup HDD: All API Fortress reports and metrics are stored. 10 million reports + 30 million metrics can require up to 250GB of disk space

Software Requirements#

  • OS: a recent Linux distribution

Docker Deployment#

  • Docker: 1.12

    For the Docker deployment to succeed and to ease further updates, the server has to be able to communicate withΒ


  • PostgreSQL: relational database for structured data
  • MongoDB: document database for reports and metrics
  • RabbitMQ: message queue
  • Tomcat: dashboard and engine application
  • AFScheduler: the API Fortress scheduler
  • AFMailer: the API Fortress mailer
  • AFConnector: dynamic data dispatcher for notifications
  • AFDownloadAgent: the downloader agent (actually performing HTTP calls)


We assume this deployment will be able to access the services to be tested.

Further Connections#

  • HTTP(80) and/or HTTPS(443) inbound traffic enabled for every location that will need access to the dashboards.
  • Ports and services may vary based on system requirements.
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