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API Test Outcome Reports

Below is a quick primer on the API Testing Test Outcome Report. It includes input data details and other useful test information, such as reasons for failure, HTTP request and response status codes.

What You'll Need#

  • An existing test that you've already run. For instructions on setting up a test and accessing your results, see API Testing Quickstart.

Test Outcome Report Breakdown#

Here's an example of a full report:
Test Report Primer Image

Session Details#

Timestamp, execution type, and metadata about the execution of the test (e.g., Date, Mode, and Execution Time).
Test Report Primer Image

General Details#

Test name, test status (pass or fail), project.
Test Report Primer Image

Request Component#

Shows the specific component that you tested. Click See Stack Details to see more in-depth Request Details and Headers.
Test Report Primer Image


Gray dot indicates a pass, red dot indicates a fail, and yellow dot indicates a warning.
Test Report Primer Image