Updating Your Billing Information

You can update your plan billing information at any time for our online plans.

NOTE: If you want to update the billing information for an Enterprise plan, contact your Sauce Labs account executive.

NOTE: Sauce Labs is currently migrating its billing system, so the steps to update your billing information will depend on what tab is available.

Virtual Device Cloud Billing#

In Sauce Labs, click Account, and then click Billing.

Billing navigation

Payment Tab#

If the Payment tab is visible:

  1. Click the Payment tab and then click Change Credit Card.
  2. Update your billing information.
  3. Select the checkbox to acknowledge you are replacing the card on file.
  4. Click Save Payment Method.

NOTE: For your reference, the URL for this page is billing.saucelabs.com.

Billing Information Tab#

If the Billing Information tab is visible:

  1. Click the Billing Information tab.
  2. Update cardholder details (if required).
  3. To update the card on file, click Replace Existing Card.
  4. Click Update Payment.

NOTE: For your reference, the URL for this page is https://app.saucelabs.com/billing/my-account.

Real Device Cloud Billing#

  1. In Sauce Labs, in the left panel, click Sauce Apps and then click Legacy RDC.

    Legacy RDC navigation
  2. Click the person icon, and then click Account Settings.

    Legacy RDC account settings
  3. On the Billing tab, click Payment Data.

    Legacy RDC billing payment data
  4. In the Update Payment Data window, update the billing information and/or credit card on file, and then click Save.

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