Sauce Control FAQs

Below are list of frequently asked questions regarding some of the business and technical use cases surrounding Sauce Control.

How Does Sauce Control Work?#

Native testing is achieved through the coordination between Sauce Labs and the framework of your choice, giving you the power and expressiveness of different test frameworks with the dashboards, infrastructure, and analytics of Sauce Labs.

The specific framework you use for testing should be based on the types of tests you need to run and the environment in which you are running them. Sauce Control also supports running tests in your existing CI pipeline to benefit from low latency.

When tests are completed, logs, results, and videos will be uploaded to Sauce Labs to your account. After that, you can review, share, and analyze those results just as you would from any other test executed on Sauce Labs.

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Where are the Docker Images and Can I Inspect Them?#

All images are hosted on Docker Hub.

Are There any Test Code Samples?#

Yes! You can find them here: Automation Framework Examples.

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