Using Testrunner Toolkit

Sauce Labs Testrunner Toolkit is designed to support native Javascript frameworks through a containerized testing solution that simplifies user set up and speeds up test execution time.

This approach combines the power and expressiveness of different test frameworks with the dashboards, infrastructure, and analytics of Sauce Labs.

Most importantly, by running these tests through Sauce Labs, you can:

  • Run tests using popular JavaScript frameworks: Cypress, Playwright, and TestCafe.
  • Take advantage of low latency provided by a containerized solution
  • Review, share, and evaluate your test assets, such as logs, test results, and test videos
  • Use our Insights feature to perform deeper analysis of test outcomes
  • Take advantage of other Sauce-specific options as development continues, including VMs, parallelization, and so on

How to Get Started#

To get started quickly, please see this page.

How it Works#

Testrunner Toolkit achieves JavaScript framework testing through the combination of Sauce Labs, Jest, and the JavaScript framework of your choice.

Supported Frameworks and Browsers#

In the current beta, the toolkit supports the following frameworks: Cypress, Playwright, and TestCafe. The specific framework you use for testing depends on the types of tests you need to run, and the environment where you run the tests.

Furthermore, the framework and browser version support depends on the Sauce Labs docker images. The table below indicates framework and browser support based on the requisite docker image tag.


Each docker image tag is the 'latest' image that supports the specific framework version

Cypress VersionSupported BrowsersRelease NotesSauce Cloud Support [?]
5.6.0Please see release notes.saucelabs/sauce-cypress-runnerWindows 10

Workflow Overview#

Below are the general steps for executing tests with Testrunner Toolkit. For further information, follow the links below:

Common Use Cases#

Below are some example user journeys and use cases that Testrunner Toolkit supports.

Sample Tests#

If you're starting from scratch and don't have any tests currently running as a part of your development workflow, saucectl will automatically generate an example test when you choose an automation framework and run the initial command. From there you can modify or expand upon the existing test.

Existing Tests#

If you already have existing tests in your project (like say in cypress for example), you can simply download and install saucectl, modify the existing configuration, and run your existing tests.

Pipeline Tests#

If you wish to run saucectl as part of your DevOps CI toolchain, you can add it in your workflow by following one of our CI integration guides.

Additional Resources#

To learn more about the tools associated with this project please see the links below:

Visit the links below to view information and release notes regarding the docker images' contents:

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