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GitHub Integration with Visual Component Testing

Integrate Screener into your GitHub PR workflow, and do both code review + visual review from one place:

Component GitHub Status
  • When visual changes are found by Screener, the PR status will be marked as a failure in GitHub.
  • Review visual changes in Screener simply by clicking on the Details link.
  • The GitHub PR status will automatically update to success when visual changes are accepted in Screener, reducing the need to re-run a CI build to see a green success status.

Setup Steps#

  1. Integrate Screener into your CI process for continuous visual testing.

  2. Update screener.config.js file to not fail CI builds, by setting failureExitCode option to 0:

    // screener.config.jsmodule.exports = {  ...
      failureExitCode: 0}
  3. Click Open Account > GitHub > Grant GitHub Access (must be performed by the Screener Account Owner).