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Using TestFairy

Welcome to TestFairy, the App Center distribution alternative! Use our enterprise-grade app distribution capabilities to migrate from App Center before March 31, 2025!

Store and Manage Apps

TestFairy offers robust, enterprise-grade app storage capabilities, enabling companies to securely upload, download, and manage their apps with ease. With TestFairy, you can efficiently organize and deliver the right apps to the right users while maintaining high security standards.

For more information, see Managing Apps through API.

Distribute App to Testers

TestFairy offers enterprise-grade app distribution capabilities, allowing companies to easily and securely distribute the right apps to users like internal or external beta testers. The platform allows admins to enforce corporate security policies during testing, and has the capability to automatically update apps to new versions or revoke access to installed apps or users.

For more information, see Managing Testers.

Manage everything through API and Integrations

TestFairy provides comprehensive API and integration capabilities, allowing companies to automate app management, user management, beta testers and seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. Use our APIs to manage app/user distribution or enforce security policies programmatically. Integrate TestFairy with your CI/CD pipelines, project management tools, and other enterprise systems to streamline your app development and distribution process. For more information, see API Reference guide


TestFairy is available as a private cloud or an on-premise installation and can integrate with any SAML single sign-on service. TestFairy is the only platform that provides end-to-end data encryption using your private/public keys, so your data remains private.

For more information, see SSO, or Private Cloud.