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Sauce Orchestrate Architecture

Architecture Components

From the Sauce Labs side, Sauce Orchestrate includes the following components:

  • saucectl
  • Containerized Test Executor

Here is an overview of how these components interact with the user environment:

Sauce Orchestrate components interacting with user’s environment


The REST API service provides the following functionality:

  • Creates a new Sauce Orchestration session
  • Gets the status of an existing Sauce Orchestration session
  • Stops a Sauce Orchestrate session that is being executed

Containerized Test Executor

The main advantage of test containerization is that the application, together with all of its configuration files and dependencies, is environment-agnostic. Containerized tests will run exactly the same way on any machine--CI or local--irrespective of the underlying OS and other dependencies.

Sauce Labs provides an environment that, given a container image, would execute containerized tests. The containerized test executor environment requires the following:

  • A customer-built container image
  • A command to execute (both entrypoint and command are supported as well)
  • A number of other optional parameters

The executor will run the container in the dedicated secure environment. The execution status is available via the REST API.