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Mobile App Testing

Test your iOS and Android native mobile apps and hybrid apps on Emulators, Simulators, and real devices in the Sauce Labs Cloud.

Uploading Your App

App Storage

Upload your mobile app to Sauce Labs to start testing on virtual devices and real devices.

Live Testing

Debug faster, facilitate collaboration, increase mobile device coverage, and combine with automated testing to improve your speed-to-market with our Live (manual) testing solution.

Live Mobile App Testing

Learn about testing your mobile apps manually and interactively on a variety of Android and iOS real mobile devices.

Live Testing Best Practices

Review our best practices for testing manually on Sauce Labs virtual emulators/simulators and real devices.

Automated Testing

Accelerate and scale your testing and broaden coverage by running automated tests on Sauce Labs mobile devices (real and virtual) through your preferred test UI framework (Appium, Espresso, or XCUITest).

Real Devices vs. Virtual Devices

Understand the benefits and use cases for Sauce Labs real and virtual devices.

Virtual Device Testing with Appium

The topics in this section cover how to run automated mobile app tests in Appium on Sauce Labs emulators and simulators.

Real Device Testing with Appium

Learn how to run automated mobile app tests on Sauce Labs real devices using Appium.

Testing with Espresso and XCUITest

Integrate your Espresso and XCUITest test automation frameworks with Sauce Labs.