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Front-End Performance Testing

Does your app render quickly and flawlessly every time on every device and operating system? Are your page transitions fast and smooth? Are your users satisfied with the pace of their transactions on your site? Measuring and monitoring front end performance can help you answer these questions and is an important complement to your overall testing strategy. Learn how Sauce Labs can help you integrate this useful aspect of digital confidence.

About Sauce Performance

Understand how front-end performance works, when and why you would use it, benefits you gain from it, requirements and limitations.

Test a Single URL

Use the Speedo CLI to quickly collect performance statistics for a single URL and generate a baseline.

Test Page Load Transitions

Use Sauce Performance in automation scripts to test page load performance during typical interaction with your app.

Test a Page in Motion

Measure aesthetic smoothness of a page as it repositions due to scrolling or tabbing between fields.

Results Analysis

Use our analytics tools to view your test results in different visualized perspectives.