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Sauce Orchestrate

Sauce Orchestrate is a new and unique approach to web and mobile application testing that increases test execution speed and enables end-to-end test orchestration. Orchestrate allows you to:

  • Test faster, from anywhere: Sauce Orchestrate decreases network overhead and reduces the latency between the test and the device or browser.

  • Reduce costs and optimize CI/CD pipelines: Orchestrate multiple CI builds and reduce the maintenance burden on your resource-constrained CI by offloading the compute cycles to Sauce Labs for test execution.

  • Accelerate development velocity: Improve development velocity and significantly reduce feedback time by running the same test suite locally early in the development cycle, and at scale in your CI.

  • Improve reliability: Reduce unpredictable network issues and help developers focus their time on innovation by eliminating the need to troubleshoot errors caused by the heavy network overhead of a remote grid.