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Continuous integration with Bamboo is straightforward to set up and, when ready, allows you to deliver up-to-date releases to your beta testers and co-workers.


  1. Log in to your Bamboo server.
  2. Click on the cogs icon and select Add-ons.
  3. Click find new add-ons, and install the TestFairy Uploader add-on.
TestFairy Uploader
  1. Now that you have the add-on installed on your server, you can configure it with our upload API key. You can find this API key in your Preferences Page at

  2. Create a new task in your Android or iOS job, and pick TestFairy Uploader from the Deployment category.

    task types
  3. Now configure the API key as shown below:


You must provide the path to the compiled .IPA or .APK file, and optionally list group names of testers for sending out email invitations.