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Below are the steps you need to take to connect TestFairy to Centercode.

  1. Create a Centercode API Key: open the Centercode Community Homepage, and go to Community Tools > Configuration > API Keys (under Advanced Configuration) > Create an API Key. Create new API Key

You can check Centercode documentation to send TestFair feedback to Centercode.

  1. Name the new API KEY "TestFairy" and generate the new API Key.

    Generate API Key
  2. Configure a Centercode External Feedback Source:

    • Click Project Tools
    • Click Feedback Types
    • Hover over your desired Feedback Type (Bug Reports) and click Modify
    • Click External Sources
    • Click Create an External Source
    • From the External Sources creation page Create an (internally-facing) Name
    • Provide the key to help identify this External Source (ex: “appcrashlog” - detailed below)
    • Select the appropriate Workflow state (typically “New”)
    • Configure your Incoming Fields
    • Copy/Save your API Endpoint URL and click Submit Configure Centralcode External Feedback Source
  3. Configure a new Cetercode integration in your TestFairy dashboard:

    • Open your TestFairy account Preferences > Integrations. Press Add Integration. Add Integration
    • Name the integration Centercode, enter the Centercode endpoint URL, tick the User feedback and click Add webhook. Add webhook