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Microsoft Teams

TestFairy integrates with Microsoft Teams seamlessly, providing human-readable, real-time notifications for your selected events.

  1. Create a new channel, or use an existing one to deliver notifications. In the image below, a new channel named TestFairy-Notifications is created.

    create channel
  2. Add a Connector to the channel from the dropdown list.

    add connector
  3. Select Configure or Add the Incoming Webhook from the dialog.

    select incoming webhook
  4. Give the webhook a name; in this case, the webhook is named TestFairy Webhook. You can also give the webhook an image.

    name the webhook
  5. Copy the webhook endpoint from the dialog.

    copy webhook endpoint
  6. From your account at TestFairy, go to Preferences.

    go to preference
  7. From the Preferences, select Webhooks and choose + Add Webhook

    account settings
  8. Paste the endpoint into URL. Give the webhook a name, and select the notifications you wish to receive.

    edit webhook
  9. Optionally, test the integration. Go back to your Teams channel to verify that you can receive a notification.

    test webhook
  10. Save the webhook, and verify that you have a successful message.

    save webhook