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Private Cloud

The "Private Cloud" deployment provides a completely isolated environment for a single tenant of TestFairy. This ensures dedicated resources and enhanced security, making it ideal for organizations with stringent data privacy and compliance requirements.

Each Private Cloud instance operates independently, ensuring no shared resources with other tenants.

Private Cloud Architecture

Key Components

  • Dedicated Instance

    A dedicated instance is provisioned for each Private Cloud. This guarantees that compute resources are not shared with other tenants, providing consistent performance, isolation and security.

  • Dedicated Database

    Each Private Cloud instance comes with its own dedicated database. This ensures that all data is completely isolated, providing enhanced data security and performance benefits.

  • Dedicated Data Storage (S3, GCS)

    For object storage, each tenant has a dedicated S3 bucket. This ensures that files and data stored in the cloud are securely isolated and managed separately.

  • Dedicated IP Address

    Each Private Cloud instance is assigned a dedicated IP address. This allows for better control over network traffic, improved security through IP whitelisting.

Customizable Configuration

A Private Cloud instance can suit your needs better by its available customizations:

  • Select Hosted Region

    You may decide where the data is hosted, select from one of AWS available regions.

  • Firewall Rules

    A dedicate IP address and instance also allows you to select custom firewall rules. For example, admin panel is only available through company VPN.

  • Custom Data Retention

    Apply specific rules as to how long your files are stored and when they are removed

  • Provide S3-compliant Bucket

    Host the apps on your own S3 bucket (may that be AWS S3, GCP GCS or others). Your bucket, your rules.