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Bitbucket Pipelines

Set up Bitbucket Pipelines to upload your build artifacts (IPA or APK) directly to TestFairy for distribution.

Setting Up

  1. Open your Bitbucket repository, and select Settings > Pipelines > Environment Variables

    screenshot of Bitbucket pipelines
  2. Fill in variable and value:

  3. Click Add.

screenshot of Bitbucket pipelines
  1. Edit your bitbucket-pipelines.yml and add this command to your script section:

    curl -F api_key=${TESTFAIRY_API_KEY} -F file=@MyApplicationFile.apk -F format=readable

Do not forget to replace MyApplicationFile.apk with the path to your APK or IPA files.

Additional optional parameters such as testers-groups, notify, and comment can be added to this line. Refer to the Upload API reference guide for more information and examples.

Here is a screenshot of a sample bitbucket-pipelines.yml file:

screenshot of Bitbucket pipelines