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Visual Studio Team Service Integration

By integrating Screener into your VSTS Pull Request workflow, you can do both code review + visual review from one place:

Component VSTS Status
  • When visual changes are found by Screener, the Pull Request status will be marked as failed in VSTS.
  • Review visual changes simply by clicking on the status link.
  • The VSTS Pull Request status will automatically update to succeeded when visual changes are accepted in Screener, reducing the need to re-run a CI build to see a green success status.

Setup Steps

  1. Integrate Screener into your CI process for continuous visual testing.
  2. Update screener.config.js file with your VSTS instance domain, and set the failureExitCode option to 0 (to not fail CI builds):
// screener.config.js
module.exports = {

projectRepo: 'MyProject/MyRepo',
vsts: {
instance: ''
failureExitCode: 0
  1. Ensure projectRepo is set to your VSTS Project name and Repository name in the following format: {ProjectName}/{RepoName}

If your VSTS Project and Repository names are the same, then set the Project name only: {ProjectName}.

  1. Click Open Account > Visual Studio Team Services > Grant VSTS Access (must be performed by the Screener Account Owner).