Continuous Integration with Visual E2E Testing

Integrate Screener into your Continuous Integration (CI) process, automatically triggering test runs and passing/failing builds based on visual changes detected. In this way, you can be sure your latest code changes do not contain any unexpected regressions.

Screener CI Script#

Screener provides a CI Script that integrates into your CI tool. This script waits for running tests to finish, and then will output the results. If visual regressions are found, it will fail the build. Otherwise, if no regressions are found, it will pass the build.

The CI Script has three required parameters:

API KeyYour project's API key is available at the bottom of your Project Dashboard:API Key
Test Group IDYour Test Group ID is available from the Test Group's Dashboard:Group ID
Build NumberThe current build number from your CI tool.

Environment Variables: We recommend adding the API Key and Test Group ID parameters as environment variables to your CI tool:


The Build Number should already be available as an environment variable in your CI tool. Please refer to your CI tool documentation for what variable name it may be.

For WebDriver Tests#

Assuming you have already integrated Screener into your WebDriver tests.

In your WebDriver test, you will need to add the Build Number to your desiredCapabilities object via a "build" property, for the CI script to reference. Here is an example:

capabilities: {
browserName: 'chrome',
build: process.env.BUILD_NUMBER,
screener: {

For Tests Run On Screener (Pages or Recorder)#

Running a Screener Test using the CI Script will automatically trigger a test run against the Test Group ID passed into it.

NOTE: If you do not want Screener to fail your build, you can alternatively trigger a Screener test run via our API and receive email notifications when visual changes are found.

CI Tool Examples#

Contact our Support Team if you need help integrating Screener into your CI, or if you would like an example that we do not have listed here.


# Install Screener CI Script
- curl -O
- unzip -o
# Run Screener Tests
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