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Test Timeouts#

If you receive a timeout, it could come from the testing framework you are using, or from WebDriver. For example, if you use WebDriverIO with Mocha, there is a default timeout of 10 seconds.

Test Framework Timeouts#

Test framework timeouts can be resolved by increasing the timeout option specific to your test framework.

Here are some examples for WebDriverIO, which supports various testing frameworks:

WebDriverIO with Mocha Example:

// wdio.conf.jsexports.config = {  framework: 'mocha',  mochaOpts: {    timeout: 90000  },  ...}

WebDriver Timeouts#

WebDriver timeouts can be increased via the timeouts capability.

The following WebDriver timeout defaults are used:

capabilities = {  ...  timeouts: {    script: 90000,    pageLoad: 300000  }}

Additional information on WebDriver timeouts can be found here.