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Puppeteer on Sauce Labs

Puppeteer is a testing framework that you can use to test your web apps locally in Docker and automatically transmit your results to Sauce Labs to take advantage of our streamlined dashboard and view up to 30 days of results and data analytics.

What You'll Need


Ensure the Docker daemon is running (e.g., docker info works in your terminal / command prompt)

System Requirements

At this time, saucectl only runs Puppeteer tests locally via Docker (Installation Requirements), which has the following general system requirements:

  • OS: 10.14+ (Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur)
  • Docker: Desktop

Supported Testing Platforms

Sauce Labs supports the following test configurations for Puppeteer:

Browser support for each framework is based on the Sauce Labs docker images provided in the saucectl installation. Each Docker image tag is the latest image that supports the specific framework version, as detailed in the available release notes.

How to Get Started

  • Quickstart: Use our demo repo to quickly set up and run a sample Puppeteer project and test to see the results.
  • Run your own tests: Customize saucectl to run your existing tests just by modifying the config.yml file for your project.


Special Characters in Test Names

We recommend that you avoid the use of special characters when naming your tests. If your test name contains any special characters, your test may not run or its artifacts may not be visible in our platform.