Virtual USB CLI: Find SessionID

The sessions command returns a list of active device sessions based on the Sauce Labs credentials you enter. This is required in order to use the connect command. It can also be useful if you've lost track of your session ID and need to find it to run other commands (i.e., deleting or disconnecting a session).



Description: your Sauce Labs username.


Description: your Sauce Labs access key for authentication.

Basic Example (required flags only)
java -jar virtual-usb-client.jar sessions --username john.smith --accessKey ab015c1e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx
Response Example
07:45:46.375 [main] INFO com.saucelabs.vusb.client.Runner - Runner Version 2.0.0
List of active sessions
d03a1b81-158d-4bb4-bcc9-074e43dd8465 Samsung Galaxy S10 ANDROID 10
c7729c7a-56a9-46cf-ba96-958709a86b4f iPhone XS IOS 14.3
e21abb6f-a08e-4685-ba6e-8c6586dd4264 iPhone SE 2020 IOS 14.3


These flags provide additional configuration options.


Description: specify a Virtual USB server host. Default value:


Description: specify a Virtual USB server port. Default value: 33657.

Full Example (with optional flags)
java -jar virtual-usb-client.jar sessions \
--sessionId d03a1b81-158d-4bb4-bcc9-074e43dd8465 \
--username john.smith \
--accessKey ab015c1e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx \
--serverHost \
--serverPort 8080 \
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