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Sauce Connect Proxy 5 CLI Reference

Below is a list of commands available with your Sauce Connect Proxy application.

What You'll Need


sc run

The sc run command is a main Sauce Connect Proxy 5 command that allows provisioning a Sauce Connect Proxy server and establishing a secure connection between the Sauce Connect Proxy client and the server.

sc legacy

The sc legacy command runs Sauce Connect Proxy 5 in compatibility mode with Sauce Connect Proxy 4.

sc completion

The sc completion command generates an autocompletion script for bash, zsh, fish and powershell shells. See each sub-command's help for details on how to use the generated script.

sc version

The sc version command output detailed version info.

sc version
Version: 5.0.0
Build time: 2023-10-31T21:11:37Z
Git commit: 9eb9a377aaa791765f74aace37e83d8ac1d000e2
Go Arch: arm64
Go OS: darwin
Go Version: go1.21.3

sc help

The sc help command allows getting usage for other commands

sc help
Sauce Connect Proxy CLI opens a secure connection between Sauce Labs and a locally hosted applications. You can learn
more at

run Run Sauce Connect Proxy

Other Commands:
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
version Print version information

The following options can be passed to any subcommand:

-c, --config-file <path> (env SAUCE_CONFIG_FILE)
Configuration file to load options from. The supported formats are: JSON, YAML, TOML, HCL, and Java
properties. The file format is determined by the file extension, if not specified the default format is YAML.
The following precedence order of configuration sources is used: command flags, environment variables, config
file, default values.

Use "sc <command> --help" for more information about a given command.

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