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Sc Legacy

Usage: sc legacy [flags]

Run Sauce Connect Proxy in compatibility mode with Sauce Connect 4.9.X

Note: You can also specify the options as YAML, JSON or TOML file using --config-file flag. You can generate a config file by running sc legacy config-file command.


-r, --region

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_REGION
  • Value Format: <value>

Sauce Labs datacenter region. Default: us-west.

-i, --tunnel-name

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_TUNNEL_NAME
  • Value Format: <value>

Tunnel name used for this tunnel or the tunnels in the same HA pool.

-u, --user

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_USER
  • Value Format: <value>

Sauce Labs username.


-s, --shared-tunnel

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_SHARED_TUNNEL
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: false

Share the tunnels within the same organization.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_TUNNEL_POOL
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: false

Denotes a tunnel as part of a high availability tunnel pool.

Tunnel traffic

-D, --direct-domains

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_DIRECT_DOMAINS
  • Value Format: <strings>

Domains that do not require tunneling.

-t, --tunnel-domains

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_TUNNEL_DOMAINS
  • Value Format: <strings>

Domains that require tunneling. Inverse of '--direct-domains'.


-a, --auth

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_AUTH
  • Value Format: <strings>

Basic authentication for URL in host:port:username:password format.

-T, --proxy-tunnel

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_PROXY_TUNNEL
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: false

Route all tunnel traffic through the external proxy specified in --proxy.



  • Environment variable: SAUCE_DNS
  • Value Format: <strings>

Use the specified name server. Example: --dns,

API server

-k, --api-key

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_API_KEY
  • Value Format: <value>

Sauce Labs API Access Key.


-z, --log-stats

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_LOG_STATS
  • Value Format: <seconds>
  • Default value: 0

seconds Log statistics about HTTP traffic every <seconds>.



  • Environment variable: SAUCE_AUTODETECT
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: true

Detect the system proxy settings. Inverse of '--no-autodetect'. Default: true.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_CAINFO
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

CA certificate for verifying REST API.

-c, --config-file

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_CONFIG_FILE
  • Value Format: <value>

Path to YAML config file.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_EXPERIMENTAL
  • Value Format: <strings>

Enable or disable experimental features.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_EXTRA_INFO
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: {}

JSON string that contains an advanced tunnel configuration.

-F, --fast-fail-regexps

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_FAST_FAIL_REGEXPS
  • Value Format: <strings>

Deny-list URL patterns.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_NO_AUTODETECT
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: false

Disable detection of the system proxy settings. Default: false.

-B, --no-ssl-bump-domains

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_NO_SSL_BUMP_DOMAINS
  • Value Format: <strings>

Domains that do not require SSL resigning.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_OCSP
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: log-only

Cert revocation check. One of: strict, log-only, disable. Default: log-only.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_OUTPUT_CONFIG_FILE
  • Value Format: <value>

Write the new Sauce Connect 5 run command configuration to the specified file.

If set the run command will not be executed.

-d, --pidfile

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_PIDFILE
  • Value Format: <value>

File containing the process ID (PID). Default: temp file.

-f, --readyfile

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_READYFILE
  • Value Format: <value>

File containing JSON formatted metadata. Created when the tunnel is ready.

-x, --rest-url

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_REST_URL
  • Value Format: <value>

Sauce REST API URL. An alternative to the recommended flag '--region'.

-P, --se-port

  • Environment variable: SAUCE_SE_PORT
  • Value Format: <int>
  • Default value: -1

Port on which Sauce Connect's Selenium relay will listen for requests.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_STATUS_ADDRESS
  • Value Format: <value>

Status server address in host:port format. Default: disabled.


  • Environment variable: SAUCE_TUNNEL_CAINFO
  • Value Format: <value>
  • Default value: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

CA certificate bundle to use for verifying tunnel connections.

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