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Virtual USB CLI Reference

Virtual USB (vUSB) is a mobile (app) debugging tool that simulates connecting a Sauce Labs real device directly to your local machine/test runner host. It integrates into your development and test environment, meaning you can use your choice of homegrown development and testing tools to debug. This section outlines the required and optional parameters for the vUSB client test runner. For step-by-step instructions on how to use vUSB, see Virtual USB Testing on Real Mobile Devices.

What You'll Need

  • Your Sauce Labs account credentials.
  • Your mobile app file.
  • Have the Virtual USB client downloaded and installed.
  • Prior to using the vUSB CLI, navigate (cd) to the specific folder directory on your local machine where you downloaded and placed your Virtual USB client (virtual-usb-client.jar).

CLI Structure

The command line structure for all vUSB requests is as follows: <main class> [options] [command] [command options].

Use Cases

See Virtual USB for Real Devices.