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Sauce Labs Integration with Visual Component Testing

Screener integrates with the Sauce Labs testing cloud for Cross-Browser Testing.

To learn more about Screener's Cross-Browser Testing, see Visual Component Cross-Browser Testing.

  • Cross-Browser Testing with Sauce Labs will be slower than regular Screener visual regression tests.
  • You may want to limit cross-browser testing to certain scenarios, such as only when merging into your main branch (see example below).

What You'll Need#

  • A valid Sauce Labs account.
  • Access to enough concurrency in your Sauce account to run Screener tests. Each browser/resolution combination will use one concurrent machine.

Adding Sauce Labs Browsers#

You'll need to add your Sauce Labs credentials via the sauce option in your screener.config.js file. Browsers added must match one of the supported browsers/versions in the browser table below.

Here is a CircleCI example that only runs cross-browser tests when committing into the main branch:

var config = {  // regular screener config};
// only run cross browser tests when merging into 'main' branchif (process.env.CIRCLE_BRANCH === 'main') {  config.browsers = [    {      browserName: 'chrome'    },    {      browserName: 'microsoftedge',      version: '86.0'    },    {      browserName: 'safari',      version: '13.1'    }  ];  config.sauce = {    username: 'sauce_user',    accessKey: 'sauce_access_key',    maxConcurrent: 10  };}
module.exports = config;

Supported Browsers#

  • 87.0
  • 86.0
  • 85.0
  • 84.0
  • 83.0
  • 83.0
  • 82.0
  • 81.0
  • 80.0
  • 79.0
internet explorer
  • 11.0
  • 87.0
  • 86.0
  • 85.0
  • 84.0
  • 83.0
  • 18.17763
  • 17.17134
  • 13.1
  • 12.1
  • 11.1

Sauce Connect Proxy Integration#

When using Sauce Labs browsers, you'll have the option of using a secure Sauce Connect tunnel. To enable this in Screener, set the flag launchSauceConnect to true. Sauce Connect will be launched and managed by this module, and assigned a unique tunnel identifier.

module.exports = {  ...
  sauce: {    username: 'sauce_user',    accessKey: 'sauce_access_key',    maxConcurrent: 10, // optional available concurrency you have from Sauce Labs    launchSauceConnect: true // enable Sauce Connect  }}

Important Notes#

  • Using Sauce Connect version 4.6.2.
  • Sauce Connect integration requires all browsers to be Sauce Labs browsers. An error will thrown if you use a non-Sauce browser.
  • Logs for Sauce Connect will be saved in the root of your project under sauce-connect.log for debugging purposes.
  • Sauce Connect tunnel cannot be used together with the tunnel: option.
  • A unique tunnelIdentifier will be automatically generated for you when using the Sauce Connect integration. An error will be thrown if you try to set tunnelIdentifier manually.
  • When running Sauce Connect tunnels on your localhost, please note that Sauce Connect only supports a limited set of valid ports.
  • For additional information, see the Sauce Connect Proxy documentation.