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Browsers and Devices Supported for Visual Component Testing

For cross-browser testing (i.e., testing across multiple browsers), we provide cloud browsers and device emulators.

Supported Browsers#

The following browsers are available in our cloud:

chrome-Do not set-
firefox-Do not set-
internet explorer11

To test against additional browsers (e.g., Safari and Edge), you can integrate Screener with Sauce Labs to gain access.

Cross-browser testing is available through Screener's Perform plan. By default, Screener runs tests against the Chrome browser.

Adding Browsers#

To test against multiple browsers, add the browsers option to your screener.config.js file:

// screener.config.jsmodule.exports = {  ...
  browsers: [    {      browserName: 'chrome'    },    {      browserName: 'firefox'    },    {      browserName: 'internet explorer',      version: '11'    }  ]};

Running Cross-Browser Tests on a Specific Branch#

To speed up builds, you may want to run Cross-Browser Testing only when committing into a particular branch. For example, when merging PRs into the main branch.

Here is a CircleCI example that only runs cross browser tests when committing into the main branch:

var config = {  // regular screener config};
// only run cross browser tests when merging into 'main' branchif (process.env.CIRCLE_BRANCH === 'main') {  config.browsers = [    {      browserName: 'chrome'    },    {      browserName: 'firefox'    },    {      browserName: 'internet explorer',      version: '11'    }  ];}
module.exports = config;

More Information#

For more information on what we support, see: