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Keystores for Downloader

Legacy Documentation
You're viewing legacy documentation for API Fortress (deployed via an on-premises container). To view documentation for the new SaaS version of API Fortress now known as Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring (with Sauce Connect tunnels) see API Testing on the Sauce Labs Cloud.

The downloader (aka: RemoteDownloadAgent) receives inbound HTTPS connections from the dashboard, encrypting everything with a self-signed certificate.

Here are the steps to install an actual certificate to a RemoteDownloadAgent.

What You'll Need:

  • Java installed in your system


    The Downloader uses a Java Keystore to store the certificate.


  1. Follow the steps from this Oracle blog post to create a Java Keystore starting from a certificate chain:

    The keystore password must be 450311aa

  2. Create a derivative image starting from the provided downloader image, which will contain the newly created keystore.

    The file needs to be called keystore and must be placed in: /opt/remoteDownloadAgent/

For step 2, an example Dockerfile may look like the following:

FROM apifortress/remoteDownloadAgent:latest
COPY keystore /opt/remoteDownloadAgent/keystore