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Sauce Trusted Connection

We offer two options to provide an extra layer of security to protect test data in flight between the Sauce Labs cloud and your app or site under test on your network. Both of these solutions, Sauce IPSec Proxy and Sauce Connect Proxy, support secure connectivity using TLS 1.2 or above.

To determine which solution is best for you, see Overview of Sauce Labs Security Processes.

Sauce Connect Proxy™#

See our Sauce Connect Proxy Security Overview white paper for information about optimizing your network and development environment for Sauce Connect Proxy performance.

Using Sauce Connect Proxy

Review the Sauce Connect Proxy system and network requirements, and then install the Sauce Connect Proxy client.

Setup and Configuration

Find the right Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel configuration for you and your organization. Once you’re connected, use our code samples to run your first test.

CLI Reference

Browse the security documentation to learn how to use your CLI to communicate with the Sauce Labs cloud from your private network.

CI/CD Environments

Streamline your Sauce Connect Proxy automated functional testing by integrating your preferred build provider with Sauce Labs.

Using Tunnels

Best practices for managing tunnels.

Security and Authentication

Settings and tips for configuring Sauce Connect Proxy with your network.

Sauce IPSec Proxy#

Enterprise Plans only

Sauce IPSec Proxy establishes a VPN connection between two IPSec gateways, and a tunnel gateway that allows only your authorized test VMs to connect. Contact your Sauce Labs Sales Engineer or Customer Success Manager for more information.

Using IPSec Tunnels

The tunnel gateway is always on for the lifetime of the secure Sauce IPSec Proxy connection, allowing you to run secure and encrypted tests anytime in the Sauce Labs cloud.

Sauce IPSec Proxy Tunnel Network Recommendations

Depending on the number of tests you’re running, you'll need to utilize either one or two Sauce IPSec Proxy tunnels for best performance.

Sharing Sauce IPSec Proxy Tunnels

You can share Sauce IPSec Proxy tunnel access with your entire organization or restrict access to admins only.

Choosing the Right Solution#

Sauce Connect Proxy and Sauce IPSec Proxy accomplish the same thing: establishing a secure connection between applications hosted on a customer's private network and Sauce Labs cloud virtual machines and real devices. The main differences are:

Sauce Connect ProxySauce IPSec Proxy
By default, the Sauce Connect Proxy client starts a single tunnel. For high-volume testing, we recommend High Availability tunnel pools, which you can launch using designated Sauce Connect Proxy command-line options).Sauce IPSec Proxy is a static setup with two tunnel gateways that are pre-configured in High Availability mode.
Customers can manage tunnel lifespan by launching different types of tunnels: ephemeral (per-build) tunnels or long-running tunnels.Sauce IPSec Proxy tunnels are long-running, by default.
Sauce Connect Proxy client (binary) runs within the customer's network to establish the tunnels, which use proprietary protocol over TLS 1.2.Sauce IPSec Proxy tunnels use industry standards to establish connection and offer two options for routing traffic to sites and applications under test.
Available to all Sauce Labs accountholders at no additional cost.Enterprise Plans only.
All customers can download and launch Sauce Connect Proxy tunnels on their own local machine. For help, please contact our Support Team.Requires a custom setup between your network and the Sauce Labs cloud prior to use.
Minimal setup time required; as little as 5-10 minutes.Setup time is appropriately 4 weeks; involves close collaboration and coordination between your organization and Sauce Labs.