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Sauce Connect Proxy 5

Sauce Connect Proxy 5 is a complete rewrite of Sauce Connect Proxy 4.x.x that aims to improve observability, performance, and user experience and provide a strong foundation for future improvements.

What You'll Need

What's New In Sauce Connect Proxy 5?


The Sauce Connect Proxy version 5 major release introduces CLI changes. Please refer to Sauce Connect Proxy 5 CLI Reference for details. An sc legacy command is introduced to help users transition from version 4.x.x to 5.0.x.

  1. Improved onboarding and integration due to the secure connection (tunnel) protocol change. The previous generation of Sauce Connect Proxy (version 4) used a custom KGP protocol. The Sauce Connect Proxy version 5 uses HTTP/2 to establish a secure connection to Sauce Labs. Using a standard well-documented protocol that is widely used in the industry simplifies Sauce Connect Proxy integration in secure CI/CD environments.
  2. Performance improvement. HTTP/2 protocol is optimized for security and performance, it provides significant performance improvements that are especially noticeable when multiple test sessions use the same Sauce Connect Proxy instance.
  3. Significant improvement in CPU and memory utilization. Sauce Connect Proxy 5 utilizes much less memory and CPU resources making it easier to run at scale.
  4. Observability improvement. Sauce Connect Proxy 5 comes with Prometheus metrics and a Grafana dashboard.
  5. Easier installation and upgrade process. Sauce Connect Proxy 5 release contains deb and rpm packages for Linux, brew support for macOS, as well as x86_64 and arm64 architectures support for all platforms.
  6. Secure WebSocket support with SSL Certificate Bumping enabled.
  7. SOCKS5 support for upstream proxies.

Major changes

Sauce Connect Proxy 5 major changes are listed below.

  • Tunnels must be named, the --tunnel-name flag is no longer optional. It's done to improve security and usability - tests that use Sauce Connect must explicitly specify the tunnel name.
  • There is no default Sauce Labs region value, --region is required to ensure that the correct region is explicitly specified.
  • SSL Certificate Bumping is not enabled for all domains, by default.
  • Proxy auto-detection is not supported, all proxies must be specified with explicit flags - --proxy or --pac for SUT requests and --proxy-sauce for Sauce Labs REST API and tunnel connections.
  • Domain flags (--tunnel-domains, --direct-domains, etc) accept regular expressions only.
  • Subcommands are introduced to support multiple CLI changes and future capabilities.
  • The Selenium Relay feature is not supported.
  • Log administration capabilities (such as log-rotate) are not supported. Log management is better left to specialized tools.

Getting Started With Sauce Connect Proxy 5

Please refer to Sauce Connect Quickstart Guide if you are new to Sauce Connect.

If you already use Sauce Connect Proxy 4, please refer to Sauce Connect Proxy 5 Migration Guide.

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