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Deque axe™ Integration

Deque's axe™ is one of the world's leading digital accessibility toolkits. The axe-core library provided by Deque allows you to inject functionality into your tests in order to scan content and return an a11y score.

Below is a guide to set up the Sauce Labs integration. This integration allows you to run your accessibility tests on our platform with axe™.

why should you care about accessibility testing?

Check out the Deque Accessibility Guide for further information.

What You'll Need

Sauce Labs UI

Sauce Labs will display the accessibility results in our UI as a tab in the job itself:

Accessibility Example in Sauce UI

Language Specific Examples

We highly recommend using the Java Sauce Bindings. Check out the description and examples for the new Accessibility functionality.The following is information on how to use the Java Deque Axe Selenium library directly:RequirementsAdd the following to your pom.xml:
<!-- -->
UsageThis method populates results on the Sauce Labs Accessibility tab:
new AxeBuilder().analyze(driver);
Example Code
Selenium Accessibility Test

Additional Resources