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Logging In via SSO

Enterprise Plans only

When using SAML SSO, we have two methods for starting Single Sign-On (SSO): SP-initiated or IdP-initiated.

Service Provider (SP) initiated SSO

  1. Go to the Sauce Labs login page.

  2. Click SSO.

SSO Login Button
  1. Enter your company email address and click Log in.
Input SSO Email
  1. You will be redirected to your identity provider to authenticate with your company credentials.

  2. If you are already authenticated at your identity provider, you will be redirected to the Sauce Labs dashboard.


If new users are not able to log in via the SP-initiated flow, make sure that your company email domains were assigned to your organization.

Deep linking

Copying and pasting links is the quickest way to share pages.

If you paste a link to, for example, a test results page at Sauce Labs and you are not authenticated. You will be redirected to the Sauce Labs login page.

Login Page
  1. Follow the steps from the SP-initiated flow:

    • Click SSO.
    • Enter your company email address.
    • Click Log in.
  2. And you will be redirected to the requested page.

Identity Provider (IdP) initiated SSO

  1. Log into your identity provider dashboard, for example Okta.

  2. Click the Sauce Labs tile in your applications catalog.

Okta Dashboard
  1. After successful authentication, you will be redirected to Sauce Labs dashboard.