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Configuring SSO in PingOne

Enterprise Plans only

Complete the following steps to set up SAML SSO integration between PingOne and Sauce Labs:

  1. Log in to PingOne administrator panel.

  2. In the Connections menu click Application Catalog.

    Menu Application Catalog
  3. Enter Sauce Labs in the search box and click +.

    Search and add app
  4. Change the name of the application or leave the default value and click Next.

    Change App Name
  5. Make sure that the SAML_SUBJECT is set to Email address. Sauce Labs Service Provider requires valid email addresses during SAML SSO authentication. Click Next.

  6. Optionally, choose which groups should have access to Sauce Labs via this SAML application and click Save.

  7. Click the arrow to expand Connection details. And next click Download metadata.

    Download Metadata
  8. Use the metadata file from the previous step and set up the SSO integration at Sauce Labs in Team Management Panel.

  9. Test the integration using the IdP-initiated and the SP-initiated login.