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Configuring SSO in Okta

Enterprise Plans only

Sauce Labs app from the Okta catalog supports the following features:

Complete the following steps to set up SAML SSO integration between Okta and Sauce Labs:

  1. Log into Okta administrator panel, go to Applications and click Browse App Catalog.

    Browse App Catalog
  2. Search for Sauce Labs, then select the Sauce Labs app.


    Ensure that you install the new Sauce Labs app featuring the green logo. The app with the previous red logo is considered a legacy version and should not be used for new SSO integrations. It is integrated with the deprecated SSO implementation.

    Search For Sauce Labs
  3. Click Add Integration.

    Add Integration
  4. Change the name of the application or leave the default value and click Done.

    Rename App
  5. Next, assign users to this application. Click Assign and assign specific accounts or groups.

    Assign People or Groups
  6. Open the Sign On tab.

    Sign On Tab
  7. In the Credentials Details section, ensure that the value for Application username format is a valid email address. The default format for Okta username is an email address, unless it has been changed in Okta Admin Console.

    Username Format
  8. In the SAML Signing Certificates section, click Actions, and then View IdP metadata. A new tab opens. Copy the content, and save it as an XML file. Use this metadata file to set up the SSO Integration at Sauce Labs in the Organization Management Panel.

  9. Test the integration using the IdP-initiated and the SP-initiated login.