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Configuring SSO in OneLogin

Enterprise Plans only

  1. Log in to OneLogin administrator panel.

  2. In the Applications menu click Applications.

    Menu Applications
  3. Click Add App.

    Add App
  4. Enter Sauce Labs in the search box and choose the app Sauce Labs (New) - SAML 2.0.

    Search App
  5. Click Save.

  6. In the More actions menu, click SAML Metadata. You will download identity provider metadata.

    Download Metadata
  7. Use the metadata file from the previous step and set up the SSO integration at Sauce Labs in Organization Management Panel.

  8. Next, you assign users to the application in Auth0:

    1. In the Users menu select Users.

      Menu Users
    2. Choose a user from the list.

    3. Click Applications in the left menu and click the + icon.

      Users - Menu Applications
    4. Select the Sauce Labs application from the list and click Continue.

    5. You can modify Name ID (it has to be an email address), first name, or last name, and then click Save.

      Assign User to App
  9. Test the integration using the IdP-initiated and the SP-initiated login.