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Unity Attributes

This page defines the attributes that are available to customize error and crash reports for Unity.

Attributes list

Attributes are additional metadata that can be attached to error and crash reports. You can use attributes to filter, aggregate, analyze, and debug errors in the Backtrace console.

All attributes listed below are captured by the Backtrace Unity SDK, although not all attributes are indexed by default. Non-indexed attributes cannot be used in queries. For more information about indexing, see Indexing Attributes.


You can also define custom attributes. For more information, see Configuration.

Indexed Attributes

_compressedIndicates whether the object is compressed.NoneBoolean
_rxidThe received identifier for the object.UUIDUUID
_txThe transaction identifier for the object.None64-bit
applicationThe source app in fault.NoneString
callstackThe signature of the callstack in fault.CallstackString
callstack.filesA per-frame list of source files in fault.CallstackString
callstack.functionsA per-frame list of functions in fault.CallstackString
callstack.modulesA per-frame list of modules in fault.CallstackString
classifiersThe anomalous properties of the object.LabelString
cpu.boottimeThe time when the system was booted.None64-bit
cpu.brandThe processor brand.NoneString
cpu.countThe number of processors on the system.None64-bit
descriptor.countThe number of file descriptors in the process table.None64-bit
error.messageThe error message associated with the event.NoneString
fingerprintThe signature of the primary fault.SHA-256String
fingerprint;originalThe query for the original fingerprint.NoneString
gc.heap.usedThe amount of memory used by the garbage collection (GC) heap.Bytes64-bit
guidThe unique identifier for a user.Bytes64-bit
hostnameThe hostname of the system in fault.HostnameString
lang.nameThe programming language.NoneString
lang.versionThe version of the programming language.NoneString
object.sizeThe size of the object.Bytes64-bit
process.ageThe number of seconds that the application has been running for.Seconds64-bit
sched.cs.involuntaryThe number of involuntary context switches.None64-bit
sched.cs.voluntaryThe number of voluntary context switches.None64-bit
system.memory.activeThe amount of memory recently used.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.buffersThe amount of temporary storage for raw disk blocks.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.cachedThe size of the buffer cache for files.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.dirtyThe amount of memory waiting to get written back to the disk.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.freeThe amount of free memory.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.inactiveThe amount of memory that has not been recently used.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.reservedThe amount of reserved system memory.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.tempThe amount of temporarily allocated memory.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.unusedThe amount of unused memory.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.slabThe amount of kernel memory allocated to the data structure cache.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.swap.cachedThe amount of memory still backed by swap.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.swap.freeThe amount of unused swap space.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.swap.totalThe total amount of swap space.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.totalThe total amount of memory.Kilobytes64-bit
system.memory.vmalloc.totalThe total amount of virtual memory allocation.Kilobytes64-bit
timestampThe timestamp of fault.UNIX timestamp64-bit
timestamp.receivedThe received timestamp of fault.UNIX timestamp64-bit
uname.machineThe processor architecture.NoneString
uname.sysnameThe operating system name.NoneString
uname.versionThe version of the operating system.NoneString
vm.pte.sizeThe size of the page table entries.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.rss.peakThe size of peak resident memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.rss.sizeThe size of resident memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.shared.sizeThe size of the shared library.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.stack.sizeThe size of the stack segment.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.swap.sizeThe size of swap memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.vma.peakThe size of peak virtual memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.vma.sizeThe size of virtual memory.Kilobytes64-bit

Non-indexed Attributes

api.compatibilityThe .NET framework and version compatible with the app. Defined in the Player Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
application.backgroundIndicates whether the app can run in the background.User DefinedUser Defined company name. Defined in the Player Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
application.data_pathThe app's directory path.User DefinedUser Defined
application.debugIndicates whether the build is a development build.User DefinedUser Defined
application.editorIndicates whether the app instance is run via the Unity Editor.User DefinedUser Defined
application.focusedIndicates whether the app has focus.User DefinedUser Defined
application.idThe name of the app or product name. Defined in the Player Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
application.installer.nameThe name of the store or package that installed the app.User DefinedUser Defined
application.internet_reachabilityThe type of internet reachability currently possible on the device running the app.User DefinedUser Defined
application.mobileIndicates whether the app runs on a mobile device.User DefinedUser Defined
application.playingIndicates whether the app is currently playing.User DefinedUser Defined
application.sandboxTypeThe sandbox type.User DefinedUser Defined
application.sessionThe current game or app session.User DefinedUser Defined
application.system.languageThe system language.User DefinedUser Defined
application.temporary_cacheThe directory path of temporarily cached data.User DefinedUser Defined
application.unity.versionThe runtime version of Unity.User DefinedUser Defined
application.urlThe URL used to open the application.User DefinedUser Defined
application.versionThe app's build version. Defined in the Player Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
audio.supportedIndicates whether audio is supported.User DefinedUser Defined
backtrace.versionThe version of the Backtrace SDK.User DefinedUser Defined
battery.levelThe current battery level.User DefinedUser Defined
battery.statusThe current status of the device's battery.User DefinedUser Defined
cpu.frequencyThe frequency of the device's central processing unit (CPU) in megahertz (MHz).User DefinedUser Defined
device.manufacturerThe manufacturer of the device running the app.User DefinedUser Defined
device.modelThe model of the device running the app.User DefinedUser Defined
device.nameThe name of the device running the app. Defined by the end user.User DefinedUser Defined
device.typeThe broad type of device.User DefinedUser Defined
error.typeA categorization of the error that generated a report.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.driver.versionThe graphics API type and driver version used by the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.idThe identifier code of the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.memoryThe total amount of graphics memory.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.multithreadedIndicates whether the graphics processing unit (GPU) is multithreaded.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.nameThe name of the graphics processing unit (GPU) or graphics card.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.shaderThe shader capability level of the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.topUvIndicates whether UV coordinates start at the top.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.typeThe graphics API type used by the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.vendorThe vendor of the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
graphic.vendor.idThe identifier code for the vendor of the graphics device.User DefinedUser Defined
mono.heapThe amount of memory allocated to the managed heap.User DefinedUser Defined
mono.usedThe amount of memory used by the managed heap.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.activeThe name of the active scene.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.buildIndexThe build index of the active scene.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.countThe number of scenes currently loaded in your project at the time a report is sent.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.count.buildThe number of scenes added in Build Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.handleThe number of handles in the scene.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.isDirtyIndicates whether the active scene has any modifications.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.isLoadedIndicates whether the active scene is loaded.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.nameThe name of the active scene at the time the report is sent.User DefinedUser Defined
scene.pathThe path to the scene.User DefinedUser Defined
scripting.backendThe scripting backend. Defined in the Player Settings for the Unity project.User DefinedUser Defined
uname.familyThe operating system family running the app.User DefinedUser Defined
uname.fullnameThe name and version of the operating system.User DefinedUser Defined