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Unreal Engine Attributes

This page defines the attributes that are available to customize error and crash reports for Unreal Engine.

Attributes list

Attributes are additional metadata that can be attached to error and crash reports. You can use attributes to filter, aggregate, analyze, and debug errors in the Backtrace console.

NameUnreal PropertyDescriptionFormatType
applicationThe name of the crashing object.NoneString
callstackThe callstack in fault.CallstackString
classifiersThe minidump exception codes.LabelString
cpu.countThe number of processors on the system.None64-bit
error.messageErrorMessageThe error message associated with the event.NoneString
fault.addressThe memory address being accessed at the time of crash.
fingerprintThe signature of the primary fault.SHA-256String
guidMachineIdThe machine identifier.Bytes64-bit
hostnameThe hostname of the system in fault.HostnameString
process.ageSecondsSinceStartThe number of seconds that the application has been running for.Seconds64-bit
uname.machineThe processor architecture.NoneString
uname.sysnameThe operating system name.NoneString
uname.versionThe version of the operating system.NoneString
vm.rss.availableMemoryStats.TotalPhysicalAvailable physical memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.rss.peakMemoryStats.PeakUsedPhysicalPeak resident memory usage.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.rss.sizeMemoryStats.UsedPhysicalResident memory usage.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.vma.availableMemoryStats.TotalVirtualAvailable virtual memory.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.vma.peakMemoryStats.PeakUsedVirtualPeak virtual memory usage.Kilobytes64-bit
vm.vma.sizeMemoryStats.UsedVirtualVirtual memory usage.Kilobytes64-bit
bAllowToBeContactedIndicates whether the user wants to be contacted about the error.BitmapBoolean
CrashDumpModeIndicates whether the crash dump is a full dump or a partial dump.Integeruint8
DescriptionCrashGuidThe unique identifier associated for the crash report.StringDictionary
ExecutableNameThe name of the game's executable file.StringDictionary
GameNameThe name of the Unreal game.StringDictionary
IsAssertIndicates whether the crash was caused by an assert failure.BitmapBoolean
IsEnsureIndicates whether the crash was caused by an ensure failure.BitmapBoolean
IsInternalBuildIndicates whether the error occurred in an internal engine build.BitmapBoolean
IsPerforceBuildIndicates whether the error occurred in a Perforce engine build.BitmapBoolean
ProcessIdThe process identifier.Integeruint64
UserActivityHintThe user's activity when the error occurred, if available.StringDictionary

Add Custom Attributes

To add custom crash properties to be included in your error and crash reports, you must add them as custom attributes for each individual platform.

Custom attributes are not indexed by default and therefore cannot be used in queries until they've been indexed. For more information about indexing, see Indexing Attributes.

You can add custom attributes with the Unreal Engine C++ API, by using FGenericCrashContext::SetGameData to add metadata to the crash context.
static void SetGameData
const FString & Key,
const FString & Value
For more information, see SetGameData.