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Creating API Tokens and Submission URLs

API tokens are used for authenticating Backtrace API usage and in Submission URLs. Submission URLs are utilized by SDKs and tools to send data to Backtrace.

What You'll Need

  • A Backtrace account (log in or sign up for a free trial license).
  • Your subdomain name (used to connect to your Backtrace instance). For example,

Creating API Tokens

Tokens are granted specific capabilities that restrict their usage to designated purposes.

  1. In the Backtrace Console, go to Project settings > Project > API tokens and select New.
  2. Provide a descriptive name, such as Symbol Token.
  3. Choose one or more capabilities and then click Create.

Creating Submission URLs

The structure of a submission URL differs between hosted environments and on-premise installations.

In a hosted environment, submission URLs follow this format:<subdomain>/<token>/<endpoint>.

subdomainIf your instance address is ``, your subdomain will be `example`.
tokenThe API token generated earlier.
endpointThe endpoint corresponds to a specific operation.


To submit sourcemaps for the subdomain example using token bebbbc8b2bdfac76ad803b03561b25a44039e892ffd3e0beeb71770d08e2c8a7, the URL would be