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Sauce Connect Proxy Quickstart Guide

Sauce Connect Proxy 5 is released

Please refer to Sauce Connect Proxy 5 Quickstart Guide for the latest quickstart guide.

Sauce Connect is required to run a local test on an app or website located behind a firewall. Get up and running with a basic Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel in minutes using the steps below.

What You'll Need

Start Tunnel

  1. Download the Sauce Connect Proxy 4 client on your machine.

    Always use the latest version

    Using older Sauce Connect versions may impact your ability to launch a tunnel or cause other technical issues. We recommend using the newer Sauce Connect Proxy 5 version.

  2. Extract the .zip file and move the folder to your machine's home directory.

  3. Open your terminal and navigate to the Sauce Connect Proxy client bin directory.

    cd sc-4.9.2-linux/bin
  4. Log in to Sauce Labs.

  5. Go to the Tunnel Proxies page.
    Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnels page

  6. Under step 2, Authenticate & connect, copy the code snippet.
    Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnels page snippet

    What is this?
    This snippet contains your authentication credentials (username and access key), selects a Sauce Labs Data Center, and applies a name to your tunnel. Optionally, you can rename your tunnel by replacing the value after the --tunnel-name flag.
  7. Paste the snippet into your terminal but do not run it. This snippet is for Sauce Connect Proxy 5, it can only be used to get your username and your access key.

  8. Modify the snippet, see Sauce Connect Proxy 5 Migration Guide for more details.

sc -u <your-user> -k <your access key> --region <us-west|eu-central> --tunnel-name your_tunnel_name

Verify Connection

To confirm your tunnel is up, look for the confirmation message in your terminal:
Sauce Connect Tunnel Success

Alternatively, you can check your list of active tunnels on the Tunnel Proxies page:
Sauce Connect Tunnel Success

Run Test

With your tunnel up and running, try doing a Live local test.

  1. From your terminal or IDE, launch a local instance of your website as you normally would.
  2. From Sauce Labs, click Live > Cross Browser > Desktop.
  3. In the URL field, enter your website's local URL (e.g., http://localhost:3000).
  4. From the Sauce Connect Proxy dropdown, select your tunnel name.
  5. Select your desired browser configuration.
  6. Click Start Test to launch your live test in Sauce Labs.

Stop Tunnel

When you've finished testing, you can stop your tunnel from the terminal where Sauce Connect is running by entering Ctrl+C.
Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnels page snippet

Alternatively, you can go to the Tunnel Proxies page and click one of the Stop Tunnels buttons.
Sauce Connect Tunnel Stop

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