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Sauce Connect Proxy Quickstart Guide

Always use the latest version

Using older Sauce Connect versions may impact your ability to launch a tunnel or cause other technical issues. Download the latest version here.

Get up and running with a Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel in just a few minutes using the steps below.

Start Tunnel#

  1. If you haven't yet, download and install the latest version of the Sauce Connect Proxy client. In this example, we'll download it to our home directory.

  2. Open your local terminal and navigate to the bin folder, where the Sauce Connect Proxy client is located.
    Sauce Connect download file contents

    cd sc-4.7.1-osx/bin
  3. Log in to Sauce Labs.

  4. Go to the TUNNELS page.
    Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnels page

  5. Skip to STEP 3: Configure & Authenticate, then copy the code snippet.
    Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnels page code snippet

  6. Paste the entire snippet into your local terminal. Optionally, you can rename your tunnel by replacing the variable after the --tunnel-name flag.

    ./sc -u {SAUCE_USERNAME} --k {SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY} --region us-west --tunnel-name {TUNNEL_NAME}
  7. Run the snippet. This will authenticate you, connects you to a Sauce Labs Data Center, assign an ID for your tunnel, and start your tunnel.

Verify Tunnel Success#

  1. To verify that your tunnel is up and running, there are two places you can check:

From the TUNNELS Page#

Look for the Active Tunnel confirmation.
Sauce Connect Tunnel Success

Run Local Test#

Try running a Live Cross-Browser or Mobile App local test through your tunnel. Sauce Connect is required to run a test on app or website that's on your local machine or behind a firewall.

  1. Go back to Sauce Labs and click LIVE > Cross Browser > Desktop tab.
  2. Select desired configuration:
    • In the URL field, input the URL for your local website under test (e.g., http://localhost:3000).
    • Click the Sauce Connect Proxy dropdown and select the name of the tunnel you've launched.
    • Choose a BROWSER SELECTION, RESOLUTION, and OS VERSION from those dropdown menus.
    • Click Start Test to launch your test.
  3. Use your mouse cursor and keyboard to interact with your website under test. For more details, see Live Desktop Test Interface. When you're done testing, move to the next step to learn how to stop a tunnel.

Stop Tunnel#

  1. To stop your tunnel, choose from one of the below options:

More Information#