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Replay on Sauce Labs

Replay is a library that provides an API to replay and stringify recordings created using Chrome DevTools Recorder. Using the saucectl CLI, you can replay Chrome DevTools' JSON-based recordings remotely on Sauce Labs, giving you the flexibility of choosing browser version and operating system combinations and test result data analytics.

Supported Testing Platforms

Sauce Labs supports the following test configurations for Replay:

  • Browsers: Chrome
  • Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 11, macOS 12, macOS 13

How to Get Started

  • Quickstart: Use our demo repo to quickly set up and run a sample Replay project and test to see the results.
  • Run your own: Customize saucectl to replay your existing recordings just by modifying the config.yml file for your project.
  • Incorporate saucectl in your pipeline: Replay in Sauce Labs supports CI integrations with Circle CI, GitLab, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions.


There are no known limitations at the time of this writing.