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Automated Testing FAQ


Can I use any version of Cypress/TestCafe/Playwright?

No, only certain versions of Cypress/TestCafe/Playwright can be used on Sauce Labs. The list of supported versions for each framework can be found in our docs:

Can I use any version of Node.js to run my tests?

No, the version of Node.js used is fixed for each framework version. It will generally be the current LTS version at the time of release. A full list can be found in our docs:

My tests rely on private npm packages. How do I include them in my tests?

If your registry is externally accessible, you can include it in your saucectl configuration under the registries setting:

- url:
- url: https://private.registry
scope: "@scope"
authToken: secretToken

If your registry is only accessible inside your corporate network, you'll have to use Sauce Connect to allow the Sauce Labs cloud to securely connect to your registry. See the Sauce Connect docs for more details.

When I download test artifacts after the test completes, why don't I see all of the expected artifacts?

Due to a current limitation of the platform, nested assets are stored flat in Sauce Labs. That means an artifact like __assets__/log_dir/log.txt is stored and downloaded simply as log.txt.

I use pnpm/nx to manage my dependencies. Can I run my tests with saucectl?

Yes you can, but only with Sauce Orchestrate, Sauce Labs' containerized testing solution. See the Getting Started for information on how to get setup.