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Submitting Traces to Coroner

Here, we demonstrate commands to generate traces using ptrace and submit them to the object store using coroner.


Traces are generated using the ptrace command. The command offers a wide range of options that can be viewed with ptrace --help, but for now, we focus on some basic scenarios.

The simplest way to generate a trace from a PID is: ptrace. It creates a trace file ending in .btt in the current working directory. Later, these traces are sent to coroner for viewing.

Most of the time, you need to associate KVs with the trace:

ptrace --kv=location:NYC,environment:development


Once snapshots are generated using ptrace, they need to be submitted to coroner. This can be done manually by using coroner put or automatically with the coroner daemon.


The basic format for submitting snapshots to coroner is:

coroner put <project_name> <token_name> /path/to/snapshot.btt

If you are using a self-signed certificate on the coroner server, pass the -k flag to coroner put:

coroner put -k project_name token_name /path/to/snapshot.btt

For more information about coroner, see Coroner Usage.


coroner can also be run in daemon mode, which allows it to watch a folder and automatically submit any *.btt trace files that are saved to that folder.


The [daemon] section in can specify project-level folder watch settings, including the path to a folder to watch and the associated token.



To start the coroner client in daemon mode, run coroner daemon. To run in foreground mode, run coroner daemon -f.