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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support on iOS Real Devices

Real Devices Only

Private Devices Only

With our MDM support, you gain the ability to install your internal application through MDM onto our private devices, enabling seamless policy enforcement and application management.

What You'll Need

  • A Sauce Labs account (Log in or sign up for a free trial license).
  • Access to private devices.
  • Service account to access your MDM(Intune) account.

Key Features

MDM Profile Application You can seamlessly apply and download the MDM profile to our private iOS devices. This ensures centralized management and control over the testing environment.

App Policy Enforcement Sauce Labs supports the enforcement of app policies, allowing you to define and apply specific policies for each testing session. These policies are consistently reapplied to maintain a consistent testing environment.

App VPN Support Setting up App VPNs is made easy, enabling you to connect to your internal firewalls without the need for Sauce Connect. Certain applications, like Edge, will automatically configure VPN extensions.

App, System App, and Account Allow List See Private Device Management for information on customizing app and account allow lists.

Installing MDM

  1. Start any Live Testing session with the private device where you want to install your MDM.
  2. Sign in with your AppleID and download Intune or install your MDM using a specific link.
  3. Login with your service account to your MDM/Intune portal.
  4. After successful login, download and install the MDM profile through Settings.
  5. Navigate to Settings > VPN and Device Management, click on Management Profile, and install the MDM.
  6. Once installed, click on the Home Screen.
  7. Confirm that all the apps related to your company-managed profile have been successfully downloaded.

Restrictions and Recommendations

While our MDM support offers a robust framework for device management, certain limitations and recommendations should be considered during implementation:

  • Sauce-Specific MDM Policy - You should create a Sauce-specific MDM policy, emphasizing different requirements to be lowered or disabled.
  • The following restrictions need to be removed:
    • USB drives not accessible in Files app (remove)
    • Phone auto unlock not allowed (remove)
    • USB accessories while locked not allowed (remove)
    • Remote screen observation not allowed (remove)
    • Installing apps from device not allowed (remove)
    • Installing configuration profiles not allowed (remove)
    • Changing account settings not allowed (remove)
  • Passcode Lock and Setup - Enforcing passcode lock or device setup is not supported.
  • Supervised device mode - Enabling supervised mode on the devices is not supported.
  • USB Data Transfer- USB file and data transfer needs to be enabled.
  • Screen Recording- Allowing screen-recording and screenshots need to be enabled.
  • Application Installation - Enable installation of applications to the device.